“When I drink this Sauvignon I’m immediately transported to Maso Cantanghel, when it’s summer in the vineyard, among the thousand fragrances that only flowers and aromatic herbs of the field can give. The bouquet is clean, mellow, soft. It’s excellent with risotto, elaborate and rich main courses, seafood and shellfish-based dishes.”



This Sauvignon Blanc comes from a single vineyard called Vigna Cantanghel situated at an altitude of 500 m a.s.l. in the municipality of Civezzano on the foothills of Lagorai chain. The vineyard, isolated on a ridge of rock and bordered by a very old typical dry stone wall, overlooks the river Fersina. The southern exposure, the perfect microclimate, the constitution of the soil and the low yield per hectare (80 q/ha) are essential in marking out the particular organoleptic properties of the Vigna Cantanghel Sauvignon Blanc.

The soil is mainly composed of limestones and clayes. The high permeability allows water to move rapidly that is also favored by the slope of the hill.

The average age of vines, grown on the guyot system, is around 20 years.

The harvest is done entirely by hand in cases during the month of September when the grapes are perfectly ripe.




Maso Cantanghel has been certified organic since 2012, marked by the number ITBIO005V259.



The wine making process starts with the maceration in a horizontal press for 8 hours followed by a cleansing of the must through decantation. Supervised fermentation at 18 °C and ageing take place in stainless steel vats. Further bottle refinement for about 3 months.


Pale yellow colour verging on golden, with greenish highlights. The selected grapes give to this wine a rich and intense bouquet, with flowery notes. Good structure and flavour, persistent in its complex aftertaste.


Risotto, elaborate and rich main courses. Excellent with seafood and shellfish-based dishes.

SERVING TEMPERATURE: 10-12 °C | 50-53 °F
ALCOHOL: 13,00 %




Vigna Cantanghel Sauvignon Blanc



Vigna Cantanghel Sauvignon Blanc