The steep and rugged Valle di Cembra with its wonderful views is dedicated to winegrowing. As the seasons pass the valley offers an ever-changing display of colours: the green of summer gives way to the riot of autumn hues, with blazing reds and yellows next to oranges and browns, followed by the eerie quiet of winter with snow covering the vines. Together people and nature have shaped this valley and sculpted the landscape so that vines are grown on every available inch of land.

At the foot of the village of Cembra, near the Avisio river, is located “Caselle”, thus the “Vigna Caselle,” an idyllic place, where the silence is broken only by the roar of the river below.
The Valle di Cembra basement is composed of extrusive volcanic rocks (Athesian Volcanic Group, Permian age, 285-275 million years ago), including basaltic andesites, rhyodacites and rhyolites in different stratigraphic levels. The most widespread ignimbritic rhyolite is porphyry, the “red gold” of Trentino.
The climate is strongly influenced by the winds that blow along the valley, especially the föhn: a warm, dry, katabatic wind that blows down along the leeward side of a mountain. Thanks to the particular micro-climate that is positively influenced by the “Föhn”, the vines find a fertile terrain for producing grapes with great potential.