Along the Valsugana valley the province of Trento opens up to the south-east towards the Po plain and the sea in the Venice area; consequently the valley has long played a decisive role in trade and tourism in the area.
With its plains, mountains, thermal springs and lakes the Valsugana offers a variety of widely differing views to nature-lovers.
In addition, wine-growing is a thriving activity in the valley and was apparently introduced by the Romans.

On a rocky ridge overlooking the Upper Valsugana, on a precipice over Fersina, in an excellent sun exposure, is the Vigna Cantanghel. The crystalline basement is composed of sedimentary rocks belonging to the Middle Upper Jurassic Formation (from 170 million to 140 million years ago) and known as the Rosso Ammonitico Veronese. Several varieties, known for different building uses, are included in this nodular limestone, among stand out Rosso Trento and Verdello. (*)

(*) Atlante della Pietra Trentina. Antichi e Nuovi Percorsi. Guida Pratica all’Utilizzo, a cura della Camera di Commercio I.A.A. di Trento

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