• Vigna Cantanghel Pinot Nero 2016: 3 Bicchieri Gambero Rosso e 5 Grappoli Bibenda

    The Vigna Cantanghel Pinot Nero 2016 has been awarded for the second consecutive year with “3 Bicchieri” award, the prize of one of the most prestigious guides, the Gambero Rosso. And, to confirm the judgment, with the 5 Grappoli of the Bibenda 2020 guide, reference point of the Federazione Italiana Sommelier. A success that gratifies the daily commitment spent in the vineyards and in the cellar. The credit for these “3 Bicchieri” Gambero Rosso and “5 Grappoli” Bibenda goes to different people: those who take care of the vineyard every day, from pruning to harvesting and to those who follow the painstaking, patient work in the cellar. These collaborators, who since the purchase of the farm have totally embraced the company philosophy and live it daily in their job: scrupulous attention at every stage, patient waiting for cycle of the seasons, a deep feeling for Trentino and its wealth, a wise interpretation of changes, fidelity to tradition, the projection to constant improvement. The 2016 vintage marked us with many rainy days until August, causing fear of an unpromising harvest. The lack of optimism has turned into the certainty of one of the best vintages with a sunny September, with excellent quality of the grapes, both from a health and sugar level point of view. This allowed us to harvest at the optimum time, in the full ripeness of the grapes of Vigna Cantanghel Pinot Nero.
  • Pinot Nero Vigna Cantanghel 2015: 3 Bicchieri Gambero Rosso

    The Pinot Nero Vigna Cantanghel 2015 has been awarded of the “3 Bicchieri Gambero Rosso”, the prize of one of the most prestigious guides, the Gambero Rosso. A success that rewards many years spent with passion among the vines in the vineyards. There is also a great deal of stubbornness in cultivating this well known difficult variety, still able to give unique emotions and produce immortal wines. 3 glasses for 3 elements of success: the vineyard, the vintage, our work. Vigna Cantanghel, the heart of our farm, is a vineyard that extends for two hectares on a ridge of rock overlooking the Fersina stream. This vineyard, bordered by a nineteenth-century wall, enjoys an excellent microclimate, where ventilation and southern exposure create the best conditions for the grapes health. The 2015 vintage was caracterized by sunny days, excellent quality of the grapes for health and sugar level. A slightly lower production than in 2013, but of vintage 2015 we will remember the incomparable elegance of the body of this Pinot Nero. Finally our work, the people who take care of the vineyard every day, from pruning to harvest, following with pressing trepidation the harvest. No less important is the painstaking and patient work done in the cellar. We have mixed all these ingredients to give you a Pinot Nero Vigna Cantanghel to get passionate about.  
  • Merano Wine Festival 2015

    Merano Wine Festival 2015
    Maso Cantanghel’s wines will be present for the second time at the Merano Wine Festival. I will wait all wine lovers, who will not miss this important event, at my table (#277 Pavillon) to taste together two out of three wines selected by the commission: SotSàs cuvée Vigneti delle Dolomiti Igt 2012 | 88 to 89.99 points Vigna Cantanghel Pinot Nero Trentino Doc 2011 | 88 to 89.99 points I hope you’ll join my “SotSàs time travel”: to the past, with a still great vintage of SotSàs 2006 and to the future, with a wine that has just appeared, but already proves to have great potential. A wine that is child of his time: SotSàs 2013!! I just have to finalize the preparations. See you in Merano from 7th to 9th November! Federico Simoni
  • Decanter 2015

    Pinot Noir Vigna Cantanghel 2011 has been judged by the world’s best wine professionals in the most comprehensive and authoritative wine competition in the world, Decanter World Wine Awards, and has been awarded “Commended”. VIGNA CANTANGHEL PINOT NERO 2011 DECANTER_DWWA2015.pdf
  • Prague drinks wine

    Prague drinks wine
    The second year of PRAGUE DRINKS WINE / PRAHA PIJE VÍNO Festival will take place on 6th & 7th June 2015 at the Troja Chateaux. It will be a unique gathering of more-than seventy winemakers from Central Europe with you – lovers of original, quality wines. PRAGUE DRINKS WINE Festival connects to similar gatherings that the winemakers of the former Hapsburg Empire used to organize regularly before World War One. Come to the Stenberg wine vault of the Troja Chateaux to taste more than 400 different wines produced by small family wineries and representing a number of wine regions of Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia and Italy. Naturally, winemakers from Moravia will be also there. Our top partners will provide various delicatessens and drinks in their tents, located throughout the chateaux park. Kids’ corner with professional nannies will be available for those wine-lovers with kids. The title of the festival PRAGUE DRINKS WINE is not coincidental: in the past, the city used to be literally surrounded with vineyards while only few were preserved in our times. Still, the Czech capital is a city of wine, as proved by the Troja vineyard. More information on Prague drinks wine
  • Giornate Altoatesine del Pinot Nero

    Giornate Altoatesine del Pinot Nero
    Giornate Altoatesine del Pinot Nero” or “Blauburgundertage” the long awaited appointment by the enthusiasts of this wine is getting close. On Saturday, May 9th, in the Castle of Enna in Montan (BZ) at 11 am, will be held the award ceremony of the 14th National Competition Pinot Noir 2015, a festival that summons every year hundred wineries to present the best of their production of this wine. The program offers several tastings, seminars and tasting tables open to the Pinot Nero enthusiasts in the days of 16-17-18 May in different locations in the villages of Neumarkt and Montan, that are always been the cradle of the cultivation of this precious variety. Have a look at the complete program on