We like to think that it was the terrain that chooses its “variety”

We like to think that in 1984 a man sat on top of his field in order to have an overall view and from there he watched the terroir with keen and curious eyes: solar exposure, ventilation, environment; then he “put his hands” to test the soil and began to reflect on which variety that would best adapt to that ground. We like to think that it was the terrain that chose “his” variety.

Piero Zabini, founder of Maso Cantanghel, wasn’t alone to make the choice, but we must give credit to him to have planted the vineyard, to have followed the seasons and that he spent himself with passion to produce quality wines.

In the 2006 we decided to collect his inheritance acquiring this very important brand. A real challenge for us: to continue to grow without moving away, but consolidating even more the road already taken. We gradually reduced the use of pesticides till to reach in 2012 the organic certification ITBIO005V259, we purchased and planted a new vineyard in Cembra and we are committed to the promotion of the Trentino and the preservation of this territory.


“To work the land to make it fruitful, to wait with eagerness, to respect, worship and live”

To cultive derives from the Latin cultus, past participle of colere that has a double meaning: a material one, to work the land to make it fruitful and a moral one, to wait with eagerness and therefore to respect, worship and live.
Diligence and passion are renewed day after day and give nourishment and energy to this project. We have embraced the principles of organic farming because we love our country, and as rich as we grow today, we want to leave it to our children, we are aware of the delicate natural balance to which we dedicate our work in order to preserve, to raise the quality of production, and to make the land more fertile.


“It is an unending dialogue between man and nature”

From vine to wine, this is our harvest. It is an unending dialogue between man and nature that is expressed experiencing the seasons: winter rest is disturbed only by pruning; the awakening spring when the sap resumes its force propagating inside the vine giving life; the rays and the heat of the summer sun and the coolness of the night that feed, color and perfume the grapes; harvest in early autumn, all by hand, a family celebration, the award for a year of work. A unique experience that we would like to transmit with our wines.